Creating stories
through motion.

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A short we made an effort to push our creative boundaries and test a concept where we could merge colors and textures and create a painterly style animated piece.


Zero Waste

Explainer video about our environment and how even though over the course of the pandemic pollution levels decreased, the amount of waste created has exponentially risen.

Facebook Dynabench

Dynabench is a platform for dynamic data collection and benchmarking. Static benchmarks have many issues. Dynabench offers a more accurate and sustainable way for evaluating progress in AI.


Dream Huge

We are proud to have been a part of the ‘Dream Huge’ campaign for Best Buy in promoting their initiative for Teen Tech Centers in the USA.

MathTalk - M!E!

We have been working closely with MathTalk to help them create engaging and fun digital experiences. By combining our expertise in user experience design with their passion for making math fun for everyone.


We are TheLittleLabs. An animation and design studio
based in Los Angeles, California.

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