TheLittleLabs is an animation, design and illustration studio based in Los Angeles, California


Founded in 2016, we are a team of passionate artists who are constantly experimenting and innovating to bring unique and creative ideas to life. We are proud of our thoughtful and playful approach.

Our team develops colorful stories with vibrant characters, we focus on a wide range of areas, including animation and design for short-form video content, marketing and social media content, app development, game design, and independent films.

We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that their vision is brought to life in the most creative and effective way possible, and we are always open to exploring new and exciting opportunities to expand our creativity and expertise.

Our core strengths:

  • Storytelling & Concept Development
  • Illustration & Design
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Modeling and Animation
  • UI-UX Design
  • Game Design
  • Sound Design


Aradhana M. Bejarano
Creative Director / Partner
Tola Rogalski
Camilo Bejarano
Carlos Rueda
Iryna Rachynska
Mahee Mehrrostami
UI/UX Designer
Henricky Martins
Millie and Pokita
Chief Happiness Officers


Where are you located?

Our headquarters is currently based in Los Angeles, CA, but our team works remotely from different locations in California, South America and Eastern Europe. 

How big is your team? 

We have five core members: a creative director, an art director, an illustrator, an animator and a producer. We also have a trusted team of artists, designers and animators that we collaborate with regularly. 

How long have you been in business?

Back in 2016, Aradhana and Camilo Bejarano started TheLittleLabs as a creative duo. As we built a reputation for excellence, our clients began handing us bigger and bigger projects to work on. Before we knew it, we were hiring help, and our duo blossomed into a full-fledged studio with some of the greatest creatives in the industry.

Are you a studio or a freelancer?

TheLittleLabs is a studio of creatives that works with the versatility of a freelancer. We’re flexible in both style and ability, and we thrive on our ability to scale quickly and adapt our team landscape to provide support that’s tailored to our clients' needs. 


 As a client, who would I be working with predominantly?

You would primarily work with our producer and creative director, who serve as liaisons between clients and our creative team. The producer and creative director are responsible for thoroughly understanding your vision and communicating the details of your project to the team. They keep your project moving along smoothly and efficiently by checking in with you to review progress and using feedback to continue guiding the team as they work toward bringing your idea to life.

What if we only need help with design or animation
(but not both)?

That’s totally fine! As a small, agile team, we’re happy to be flexible and support you in any way we can. Just let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll see if we can build a team around your project. 

How can I join the team?

Oh, hello fellow creative! We can’t wait to meet you and hear about your work! It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with talented people — so even if we don't have a space for you right now, we’ll keep your information handy for the future.

Email us at and tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do!

Interested in working together? Get in touch!

Copyright © 2016 - 2023 - TheLittleLabs LLC. All rights reserved.

Interested in working together?
Get in touch!

Copyright © 2016 - 2023 - TheLittleLabs LLC.
All rights reserved.