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Dynabench is a platform for dynamic data collection and benchmarking. Static benchmarks have many issues. Dynabench offers a more accurate and sustainable way for evaluating progress in AI.

Dynabench is now an open tool and TheLittleLabs was challenged to create an engaging introduction to this new and groundbreaking platform for the AI community.

Here is a link to the Dynabench website: https://dynabench.org




Client: Facebook

Agency: Stuuudio

Art and Animation Direction: Aradhana Bejarano
Storyboarding: Aradhana Bejarano
Design: Ana Hill and Aradhana Bejarano
Animation: Pavelas Laptevas, Ricardo Mendes and Carlos Rueda

Selected Works

Flex Alert CampaignProject type

DaffodilsProject type

Best Buy - Dream HugeDesign & Animation

Facebook - DynabenchDesign & Animation

PatreonDesign & Animation


AmazonasDesign and Animation

Google / WazeAnimation & Illustration

PostmanAnimation & Illustration

25 Years of Vans Warped TourAnimation & Illustration

Uber Eats x SXSWAnimation & Illustration


Love makes...Animation & Illustration

Coffee ArtAnimation & Illustration

LunaAnimation & Illustration

Sticker CompillationIOS Stickers

Animated TypeAnimation & Illustration

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