Imagine enjoying a delightful meal with chicken breast as the centerpiece, but with a unique twist. This is the mission that Believer Meats embarked on, and our partners at Red Antler entrusted us with the task of animating this extraordinary journey.

The creative team at Red Antler provided the initial concept and direction and handled all of the live action footage. Our role took on a more abstract nature as the challenge was to visually trace the production process of this chicken breast in reverse, employing traditional 2D cel animation and After Effects to infuse the animation with an organic and fluid motion.

Watch the Film

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Style Frames

Our approach revolved around using 2D minimal line art, integrating textural and photographic elements. This resulted in a hand-drawn, human-like aesthetic for the video. We introduced textures to evoke a tactile, grainy, and papery impression while keeping compositions clean and mesmerizing to emphasize key scientific points.


Animation Cuts

 We seamlessly blended 2D animation and cel animation with live footage to create a fluid transition between various animation and footage styles. This approach maintained consistent energy and momentum throughout the animation.

Behind The Scenes

 Here is some behind the scenes footage of the intricate and creative process of animation for this project.

Red Antler
Believer Meats

Creative and Animation Director:
Aradhana Modi Bejarano
Tola Rogalski
Iryna Rachynska , Henricky Martins & Remi Sorbet
Carlos Rueda, Ciara Bresnahan, Pedro Mafra & Amy Charlick

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Interested in working together?
Get in touch!

Copyright © 2016 - 2023 - TheLittleLabs LLC.
All rights reserved.