After Hours

A series of ghostly interviews  



In this short animated and haunting documentary we explore the lives of five ghosts who met an untimely death but still have so much to say. The question is; What are YOUR thoughts on Halloween? Let's find out when we uncover the truth in this gruesome tale.

TheLittleLabs and GoodWorker teamed up to co-write and produce this fun animated short. See a bit more about these characters below.

Character Development



Directed by: Aradhana M. Bejarano
Story by: Camilo Bejarano
Screenplay by: Josh Shayne
Cast: Josh Shayne & Krysta Gonzales
Producer: Tola Rogalski
Art Direction: Camilo Bejarano & Aradhana M. Bejarano

Design & Illustration: Camilo Bejarano & Barbara Nozari
Character Animation: Pedro Mafra, Pavelas Laptevas & Joe Le Huquet
Additional animation: Aradhana M. Bejarano, Guilherme Gurian & José Neto
Sound Design: La Tina Sonido
Sound Supervisor: Manuel J. Gordillo
Sound Editor: Manuela Ordóñez
Music and Mix: Manuel J. Gordillo
In collaboration with: GoodWorker

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