The Mythology Art Show

'Mythology' - is the first group art show hosted by 'The Little Labs' in Burbank, CA. 

We are surrounded by myths and stories that explain nature, history and customs. Often, the center of these stories are fascinating characters that enrich our imagination. Medusa, Zeus, Ganesha, Patasola, The Minotaur... are just a few of the plethora of mythical characters that originate from different regions of the world ! 

Featuring Artists:

Adam Grason, Adam Rosette, Aron Jean Shay, BENOBI, Bobby Timony, Brook Wells, Eric Romano, Frank Svengsouk, Gabby Zapata, Gautam Dutta, Greg Gunn, Hayden Aube, Jaime Ugarte, Jisoo Kim, Joseph Wells, Kano, Lopezgrafico, Maggie Chiang, Mario Jacome, Melissa De Nobrega, Michele Svengsouk, Patrick Ian Moss, Rich Ginter, Ruel Pascual, Stephanie Irigoyen, Stephen Chan, The Little Labs and Toni Tysen.

Muzzak by NUBY

Photography by Brandon Okie


Art is now available for purchase online


The Event